Located in the serene countryside of Karinkal, St. Alphonsa’s campus offers billowing trees in a sprawling park-like setting. The College’s setting blends the grass and brick of collegiate tradition with modern facilities. Green lawns beneath majestic trees pave way for excellent beauty in the campus. Bestowed with a 200 M track and field facilities for sports and games, the campus reverberates the importance of sporting culture. The College is impressively housed in large building, with well-furnished classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, library, conference hall, multimedia hall, multipurpose hall, and other facilities for various departments.


The College offers bus transportation district-wide covering almost all important areas. Bus service is provided to and from the College with the safety and convenience of our students as a priority. With a strong track record for providing high quality and reliable transportation services, real time tracking and monitoring of the buses in operation ensures real-time pick-up and drop-off at each stop. Our college proactively manages the transportation process. The campus is also well connected to the entire district by public transport services, with buses running from several areas and through various routes to Karinkal.


The College Library at St. Alphonsa College with a centralized air condition system provides a relaxed atmosphere where students meet, study, browse, and find inspiration. The library has built a collection that supports the students and the curriculum with quality holdings of books and journals, online databases with millions of articles, and special collections. The librarians are committed to proactive service to students and faculty and are readily available to consult about research needs. In addition, all major departments such as Chemistry, Computer Science, Commerce, English, Physics, and Mathematics have separate departmental libraries with an impressive list of latest books and study materials. The books related to HRD, Science Aptitude, General Knowledge, Competitive Examinations are abundantly available in the library.

The College cafeteria, though small, is one of the most happening places in the campus. Of course, it is known for its savory food, but it is also the place where you make some of the best memories of your College life. The rush in the cafeteria proves that it serves nutritious, tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Hostel facility is available for female students adjacent to the College campus with modern amenities. The hostel is being run by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS), a religious congregation with loving and caring wardens. The girls receive motherly and sisterly affection and care for quality growth.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the core values in achieving learning outcomes that St. Alphonsa College stands for are: 

  • Academic Excellence
  • Critical and Analytical Ability
  • Communicating Ability
  • Self Confidence
  • Employability
  • Skills Development
  • Quality Perception
  • Love of God
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Moral and Social Responsibility
  • Concern for others
  • Aesthetic Responsiveness
  • Team Spirit