Dear Alphonsians,

The services of St. Alphonsa College of Arts and Science has been expanding and reaching out to a good number of students through the years since its establishment in 2014. The commitment of the teachers and the variety of programmes being organized will enthuse the youth today to remain active and alert to achieve greater heights.

When we desire to grow and obtain greater achievement, we need to seek answers for many questions and create a mind of enquiry and curiosity. We need to ask questions to ourselves first. In order to increase our resolve for learning, we need to ask questions such as “What have I learnt today?”, “How did I learn today?”, “What have I missed learning?” and thus evaluate oneself every day and when we do so, we will look for opportunities to perform and outperform our own expectations. Chris Grosser, famous photographer stated, “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” God has created us with abundance of abilities and we need to use and further them through our own efforts.

The Diocese of Thuckalay is committed to the vision and mission with which the College has been established and we are ready to provide best of facilities to let the best come out of the students.

I wish you all the very best to reap the best as an Alphonsian.

Ma God continue to bless you all.