Chairperson                           : Principal

Coordinator                           : Director of Physical Education

Members                                 :  Three to four faculty members

                                                              Lessee of Canteen

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To monitor the quality of food provided in the canteen.
  • To ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in relation to preparation, service and supply of food.
  • To make the decisions on food items to be sold in the canteen and approving the sales price of new items.
  • To create a safe and friendly environment in our institution canteen and to bring integrity among students by the inculcation of best practices.
  • To monitor the movement and action of the students in the college canteen and prevent students bunking their lecturers and sitting in canteen.
  • To modernize the canteen equipment and cooking procedures.
  • To control and make suggestions to the canteen management.
  • To plan for all the infrastructure facilities required as per norms.
  • To ensure a healthy and safe work environment for the canteen staff.
  • To look after the necessary arrangements in canteen for smooth operation.
  • To develop new ideas and activities to link students with nutrition education.
  • To supervise all amenities and their up keep, receive complaints from student’s redress of grievances.

Current Members

1Rev.Dr.Michael Arockiasamy SDBChairpersonPrincipal
2Dr.A.P SeelanCoordinatorDirector of Physical Education
3Ms P.AnishaMemberDirector of Physical Education
4Mr.Panneer SelvamMemberPublic Relations Officer
5Dr.R.Paulmoni MemberAssistant Professor of Commerce
6Dr.C.I.RajeshMemberAssistant Professor of Tamil
7Dr.S.Angel Jeyalet RaniMemberAssistant Professor of Tamil