1. Students are strictly not permitted to carry Mobile Phones, Tab, Cameras, IPods, MP3 Players, or any other gadget to the College.
  2. Students have to wear the Identity Cards issued by the College throughout their stay in the campus. Entry to the campus will be allowed only on production of Identity Cards to the security personnel at the College gate(s).
  3. Any loss of Identity Card has to be reported immediately to the College office and application for new Identity Card needs to be submitted with the required fees.
  4. Students of one class are not allowed to enter into any other class without prior permission from the faculty.
  5. Students shall make every endeavour to keep the College buildings, facilities and campus clean. Students are requested to use the dust bin and should not throw anything in the classroom or corridor or keep waste or personal things inside the desk.
  6. The students are not allowed to lean on to the walls or place their feet on them.
  7. Students are not allowed to sit in the railings or on the steps of staircases.
  8. Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling, painting on the walls, desks, tables, chairs or any other facility of the College.
  9. Students found guilty of damaging, destroying College property shall be penalized and asked to replace the same at their own cost.
  10. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the College campus as per Government Order.
  11. Students found using drugs or liquor or any other contraband material shall be dismissed immediately.
  12. Students should not participate in political or communal activities.
  13. Students and parents shall co-operate with every activity of the College during and outside the College hours.
  14. No activities or functions shall be taken up by the students in the College without obtaining prior permission from the College authorities.
  15. Students found guilty of using foul language or behaving rudely towards the staff members or fellow students will be expelled from the College.
  16. Students are advised to read notices put on the notice board. Ignorance of any notice thus put up will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
  17. Eve-teasing and ragging are banned in the campus. If any student indulges in eve-teasing and ragging, criminal action will be initiated against that student.
  18. Students are permitted to the College office during the Intervals / Lunch Break / after 4:00 PM for official work and payment of fees.