Chairman              : Principal

Management         : Manager of the College

Co-ordinator         : One of the faculties

Members               : All the HODs

                               Six to eight faculties

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To oversee the academic affairs of the college.
  • To make recommendations to the Principal about academic programs and strategic priorities.
  • To keep the students aware of their academic standing thus reducing blind-spots.
  • To imbibe practices that serve as a base for development in students.
  • To pave ways for interaction between faculty and students.
  • To honour students for their academic excellence.
  • To ensuring periodic conduction of development programmes for both students and staff.
  • To visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the college.
  • To plan for resource mobilization through industry interaction, consultancy and extra-mural funding.
  • To promote research and extension activities in the campus.
  • To promote teaching innovations and student placement programmes.
  • To plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college.
  • To recommend schemes to promote participation of academic departments in community development activities in the region.
  • To consider such other activities for furtherance of academic excellence.
  • To review students’ attendance /malpractices in examinations.
  • To oversee the internal examinations/ evaluation/ recording.

Current Members

Sl.No Name Designation Department
1 Rev.Dr.Michael Aro Chairperson Principal
2 Very Rev Fr Antony Jose Advisor Secretary and Correspondent
3 Rev.Fr.Ajin Jose Member Campus Minister
4 Dr.R.Sivanesan Member Head and Assistant Professor of Commerce
5 Dr.M.Subala Member Assistant Professor of Commerce
6 Dr.P.H.Sudharlin Paul Member Head and Assistant Professor of Physics
7 Dr.S.K.Remmi Member Assistant Professor of Physics
8 Dr.R.Pranesh Kumar Member Head and Assistant Professor of English
9 Dr.A.Sanal Member Head and Assistant Professor of Computer Science
10 Dr.S.Beghin Bose Member Assistant Professor of Computer Science
11 Dr.M.Jeba Jeeva Rani Member Head and Assistant Professor of Chemistry
12 Dr.B.Jini Kumari Member Assistant Professor of Chemistry
13 Dr.A.Stem Edilber Member Head and Assistant Professor of Mathematics
14 Ms.M.Mahiba Member Assistant Professor of Mathematics
15 Dr.Rajesh.P.S Member Head and Assistant Professor of Tamil
16 Mrs.D.Jaya Suresh Member Office Superintendent