1. Students are expected to attend the College neatly dressed adhering to approved etiquette.
  2. The students are to wear College uniform on all days of College.
  3. The students should not alter the College uniform at any circumstances.
  4. If any student alters the College uniform, the student will be penalised and shall be instructed to buy new one(s).
  5. Male students are prohibited from wearing round necked T-Shirts, T-Shirts with images, icons, words, cargo trousers with multi-pockets and hangings, jeans, caps, wrist bands, ear-rings, keep long beard, long and untrimmed hair.
  6. Female students are prohibited from wearing leggings, mini skirts, T-Shirts, short tops, jeans, shorts, sleeveless shirts / tops, cargo pants, sleeveless blouses, skin tight pants, high heeled shoes, wrist bands, fancy hair clips and ear-rings.
  7. The students are to wear plain black socks and shoes, neatly polished.
  8. The girls are to keep only pony-tailed hair, neatly tied with a black hair band; hair clips or pins are not permitted.
  9. The students are not allowed to colour their hair.
  10. The dress code for Sports and Games shall be individual sports uniform with canvas shoes.
  11. The students are to keep their nails trimmed and clean.