College Library Committee (CLC)


Chairman               –       Principal

Coordinator            –       Librarian

Asst. Coordinator   –       One of the Asst. Librarians

Members                –       Secretary and Correspondent

Six to Nine Faculty Members

Roles and Responsibilities                        

  • To promote and provide for quality academic resources to the faculty, research scholars and the students.
  • To promote and act as a channel of communication between the library and its users.
  • To formulate general library policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library and formulate procedures for efficient use of library resources.
  • To ascertain, evaluate and review library readership department-wise and to take steps for optimum use of the library resources.
  • To prepare department-wise requirements well ahead of time for purchase of books and journals in order to augment the research and academic culture in the College.
  • To seek feedback on library resources and its functioning from readers and use the same to enhance the quality of its resources and services.
  • To take measures to increase the membership of the library beyond the boundaries of the College.
  • To work towards modernization and improvement of library and documentation services.
  • To prepare and submit an Annual Report on the resources and use of the library.

Current Members

Sl.No Name Designation Department
1 Rev.Dr.Michael Arokiasamy Chairperson Principal
2 Rev.Sr.Ajitha V Aattuchalil Coordinator Librarian
3 Very.Rev.Fr Antony Jose Member Secretary & Correspondent
4 Ms.M.Mary Selin Bai Member Assistant Librarian
5 Dr Paul Moni Member Assistant Professor of Commerce
6 Dr Remya Member Assistant Professor of Mathematics
7 Dr Jeba Jeeva Rani Member Assistant Professor of Chemistry
8 Dr Shabu Member Assistant Professor of Physics
9 Dr Kalaivani Member Assistant Professor of Mathematics
10 Dr Angel Jayalet Rani Member Assistant Professor of Tamil
11 Ms Anisha Member Director of Physical Education
12 Ms G Ashmi Georgre Member Junior Assistant