Chairman          –   Principal

Coordinator      –   Public Relations Officer

Members          –   Secretary and Correspondent

Heads of all Department

Office superintendent



  • In consultation with management, prepare attractive brochures, prospectus and handouts for wider publicity.
  • To collect proposals / materials from the Departments, Committees and lecturers to draft Annual plan of activities for the year for publication in the Prospectus.
  • To prepare plan for addressing 12th standard, diploma students as a career counseling activity.
  • To place advertise mention news papers regarding admissions as and when permitted by the respective Conveners of admissions.
  • To assist the students and to interact with the parents during admissions
  • To request the management on improving facilities from the feedbacks got from parents and students during admission counseling
  • To file and maintain the records of the admissions and Annual Plan.
  • To submit the enrollment records to the IQAC Committee.

Current Members

SI.No Name Designation Department
1. Dr.S.Isias Principal
2. Very Rev.Fr.Antony Jose Advisor Secretary and Correspondent
3. Ms.M.Aksha Immaculate Coordinator Assistant Professor of English
4. Mr.R.Panneerselvam Member Public Relations Officer
5. Dr.R.Sivanesan Member Vice Principal, Head and Assistant Professor of Commerce
6. Dr.R.Pranesh Kumar Member Head and Assistant Professor of English
7. Dr.M.JebaJeeva Rani Member Head and Assistant Professor of Chemistry
8. Dr.P.H.Sudharlin Paul Member Head and Assistant Professor of Physics
9. Dr.A.Subitha Member Head and Assistant Professor of Mathematics
10 Dr.S.Sanjith Member Head and Assistant Professor of Computer Science
11 Dr.P.S.Rajesh Member Head and Assistant Professor of Tamil
12 Mr.A.P.Seelan Member Physical Director
13. Ms.P.Anisha Member Assistant Physical Director
14 Mrs.Jaya Suresh Member Office Superintendent