Chairman          :   Principal

Coordinator      : One of the Computer Science Faculties         

Members          :   Six to nine faculties


  • To Develop and recommend web related policies and standards
  • To Oversee the Design and Underlying Technology
  • To Ensure the website stays current with new technology/trends
  • To Implement regular data collection methods
  • To Use data collected to guide the framework and infrastructure of the college website
  • To Create guiding principles to steer the framework and infrastructure decisions of the college website
  • To set timelines for web engine upgrade and new website deployments.
  • Regularly assess the design of the website and make recommendations for improvement
  • Coordinate with graphic designer to update websites images and graphics
  • Create web engine compatible design prototypes based on collected feedback
  • Identify and advocate for web needs and services for the college community.

Current Members

2Dr.S.SanjithCoordinatorHead and Assistant Professor of Computer Science
3Mr.J.John BrittoMemberAssistant Professor of Computer Science
4Dr.P.PaulmoniMemberAssistant Professor of Commerce
5Ms.R.Jasmine Immaculate  Shelly   MemberAssistant Professor of Computer Science
6Dr.A.AnitaMemberAssistant Professor of Chemistry
7Mr.P.Paul HawkinsMemberAssistant Professor of Mathematics
8Mr.V.Niranjan PrasadMemberAssistant Professor of English
9Ms.Anisha TiffanyMemberAssistant Professor of English
10Dr.R.ShabuMemberAssistant Professor of Physics