College Sports Committee (CSC)


Chairperson                   –         Principal

Coordinator                   –         Physical Director of the College

Asst. Coordinator           –         One of the Assistant Physical Directors

Members                        –         All Assistant Physical Directors

                                      –         Four to six faculty members

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To promote and enhance sporting talents in the students of the College.
  • To organise events and competitions for the sporting development of the students of the College and for the general welfare and health of the students.
  • To inculcate enthusiasm, courage and confidence in students and to work for a sound mind and a sound body in students.
  • To make students realize that beside academics sports also can create achievers.
  • To ensure all students get opportunities to participate to the best of their ability in sports and games.
  • To work with parents / guardians and volunteers to achieve positive experiences for players in terms of training and fitness.
  • To plan and organise sports carnivals, intra-college, inter-college and inter-school for the welfare of the growth of the students and the College.
  • To ensure high level of discipline and befitting standard of character in the students.
  • To organise and arrange for coaching in the best manner possible for achieving optimum performance in sporting events.
  • To arrange for sponsorship / advertisement for the organisation of various sporting events in the College.
  • To liaison with sports clubs / associations / departments and the University for providing opportunity for students for participation in higher level competitions and achievements.
  • To arrange for escorts and coaches for students / teams participating in events outside the College.
  • To maintain all records and submit annual reports to the College authorities / management.

Current Members

2Mr.A.P.SeelanCo-ordinatorPhysical Director
3Mrs.P.AnishaAsst. Co-ordinatorAssistant Physical Director
4Dr.R.Paulmoni MemberAssistant Professor of Commerce
5Dr.C.I.RajeshMemberAssistant Professor of English
6Dr.R.ShabuMemberAssistant Professor of Physics
7Dr.V.K.KalaivaniMemberAssistant Professor of Mathematics
8Dr.C.Thinkal DayanaMemberAssistant Professor of Computer Science