Very Rev Fr Antony Jose
Correspondent & Secretary

I shall instruct you and teach you the way to go; I shall not take my eyes off you.

– Psalm 32:8

Dear Alphonsians, Parents and Guardians,

The above words of the Psalmist are lived everyday at every step of St. Alphonsa College of Arts and Science, an institution established and administered by the Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Thuckalay. I believe, a higher education institution is a holy sanctum for learning, where each student and scholar is vested with a potential opportunity to be shaped into a wonderful human being with excellence in the respective fields of education and also identifying the potential and enriching them. St. Alphonsa College considers every Alphonsian to be endowed with variety of talents and specially carved out personalities and our talented faculty aid each one to elegantly grow his / her knowledge.

The College offers a carefully carved out platform for excellence, a commitment that we have professed since its establishment in 2014.

Come, join the Alphonsian family and reap the benefit of quality education for development.

God Bless you all.