The English Department is the cornerstone of the Humanities division at the College. The Department offers an ideal balance between creativity and critical inquiry that prepares students for an academic career as a scholar. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate major in the Department offer emphases in literary analysis, creative work and other developing areas of inquiry with the faculty working at the cutting-edge of interdisciplinary work in English today. The students planning to enter professional or academic job markets after graduation leave with skills allowing them to communicate, collaborate, and solve problems in a cultural landscape growing increasingly global.


The Department of Commerce, one of the prominent sectors in the College, has been demonstrating its distinction in the field of Commerce. The Department has preserved an illustrious educational profile which is noticeably mirrored in its students’ exceptional academic performance. Owing to its outstanding triumphs, it evolved into a Post Graduate Department in 2017. In appreciation of the quality of education and the steadfast hard work displayed in the research and extension activities, the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University recognized the Department as a Research Centre in 2019. Five full-time and one part-time research scholars are pursuing their research currently. The Department has a well-stocked library in its Research Centre exclusively. It envisions and promotes a number of programmes to augment the employability of its students.


Alphonsian Mathematics students develop skills including critical thinking and problem solving during their stay at the College. The Department of Mathematics provides students with a plethora and comprehensive education of high importance. Active participation of students is encouraged in all maths programmes. Special classes, conferences and seminars organized by the department provide students with the opportunity to work with highly trained faculty individually or in groups. Students are encouraged to discover areas in which they have both talent and interest, to gain familiarity with a wide range of mathematical areas and to acquire deeper knowledge. The Department offers both Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes.


The Physics Department in the College provides opportunities to thrive academically and professionally. The programs are very student-centered which has a huge impact on its pupils’ studies and self-confidence. Academic training here makes a student to feel confident in presenting oneself as a professional member of the Physics community. Students, scholars and alumni alike are always welcome in the department. The well-versed curriculum here allows students to tailor courses to their specific needs and interests. At the department, students develop professional relationships with the professors and are given a strong background in Physics that will help them for the rest of their career. Well-equipped laboratories serve all the department’s purpose. The Physics curriculum at the College offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


The Chemistry Department provides the opportunity for students to obtain a detailed basic knowledge of all areas in Chemistry. Laboratory experience is provided to stress the objectives of the Under Graduate degree offered here. Modern equipment is available to carry out all practical work. More significant than the formal lectures and laboratory applications, is the intellectual atmosphere provided by the department that draws the attention of the students. The Chemistry Library has an excellent collection of books, journals, and reference materials. Faculty members are also available as academic advisers and navigate students to foresee their careers. The overall goal of the department is to provide students a rich source of new knowledge throughout the entire graduate career.


The mission of the Department of Computer Science is to give our students an enriching base in Computer Science with focus on global requirements to guarantee that they are well prepared to compete productively for careers. The Department offers the students with an academic experience that develops fundamental Computer Science knowledge and skills throughout its curriculum with a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Our faculty-supervised Computer Lab exercises are prepared towards increasing the interest and participation of students. Our innovative teaching techniques target primary courses and prepare our students for the ever-changing advancements of technology. The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses.