Chairman              : Principal

Coordinator           : Public Relation Officer

Members               : Two to Four faculties

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To recommend criteria wise scholarship to the students
  •  To review applications based on the recommended criteria.
  • To keep written notes in files to document process and decisions that were made.
  • Openness in revealing any conflict of interest with potential scholarship applicants.
  • Understanding the need for fairness, objectivity and nondiscrimination within the scholarship selection process.
  • Under the guidance of the college, make recommendations on recipients for each assigned scholarship to the Principal for final approval.

Current Members

1Dr.S.Isias ChairpersonPrincipal
2Mr.R.Panneer SelvamCoordinatorPublic Relations Officer
3Mr.P.Paul HawkinsMemberAssistant Professor of Mathematics
4Mrs.T.M.Jalaja Mary MemberAssistant Professor of English
5Dr.J.T.AnanthiMemberAssistant Professor of Physics