College Library Committee (CLC)


Chairman               –       Principal

Coordinator            –       Librarian

Asst. Coordinator   –       One of the Asst. Librarians

Members                –       Secretary and Correspondent

                                      Six to Nine Faculty Members

Roles and Responsibilities                        

  • To promote and provide for quality academic resources to the faculty, research scholars and the students.
  • To promote and act as a channel of communication between the library and its users.
  • To formulate general library policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library and formulate procedures for efficient use of library resources.
  • To ascertain, evaluate and review library readership department-wise and to take steps for optimum use of the library resources.
  • To prepare department-wise requirements well ahead of time for purchase of books and journals in order to augment the research and academic culture in the College.
  • To seek feedback on library resources and its functioning from readers and use the same to enhance the quality of its resources and services.
  • To take measures to increase the membership of the library beyond the boundaries of the College.
  • To work towards modernization and improvement of library and documentation services.
  • To prepare and submit an Annual Report on the resources and use of the library.

Current Members

3Rev.Fr Antony JoseMemberSecretary and Correspondent
4Dr Blesslin DiamondMemberAssistant Professor of English
5Dr Paul MoniMemberAssistant Professor of Commerce
6Dr MithraMemberAssistant Professor of Computer Science
7Dr JebaJeevaraniMemberAssistant Professor of Chemistry
8Dr ShabuMemberAssistant Professor of Physics
9Dr KalaivaniMemberAssistant Professor of Mathematics
10Dr Angel Jayalet RaniMemberAssistant Professor of Tamil
11Ms AnishaMemberAssistant Physical Director
12Ms Ancy NoyalMemberJunior Assistant